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John, with Mom and Dad in soldier uniform.
Richard in soldier uniform. Oct 9, 1943, Camp McCain, Mississippi.
John Crabbs. Dad attended Manchester College with him. Crabbs was from Richland Center. After the war, he moved to Arizona.
Dr. Charles Herrick, from Akron. He was in the same high school class with Francis Knarr, Richard's brother.
Richard, on leave from the military, in Ohio.
Richard, with John, at the Mississippi River.
Irene with John, on the Mississippi.
Mississippi plantation.
Mother, with Fred Gagliano's wife.
Richard with John, 2 yrs old. Oct 1944, Spring Mill Park, Youngstown, Ohio.
Richard's last furlough before going overseas (Europe).
Jack Messing. Was Jewish and from New York City. Musician; played with New York Philharmonic. Mom, Dad and I went on a picnic with them. Mom relates anecdote that in going together on a "picnic", they had not brought any picnic food with them to eat. Photo was taken in a park in Winona, MS, west of Grenada.
Pfc. Dick Chatterton, walking by the Niessen Huts that housed Richard's unit while in Macclesfield, England, November 1944.
T/4 Coughenour from North Carolina; T/5 Hatch from New York; Pvt. Legg from Michigan; T/5 Davis from Iowa.
Regan-Knarr-Jones-Hatch. Jacketa, Germany, April 1945.
S/Sgt Howard Jones from Youngstown, Ohio. Motor Sergeant, 87 Div Artillery. Richard: "When the going was rough, he was at his best."
Richard and his "buggy". Photograph taken by Howard Jones, June 15, 1945. In Germany, on their way home.
The Motor Park Gang, July 1944, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
From left to right:
S/Sgt. Howard Jones, Youngstown, Ohio
T/4 Charles Coughenour, Laurenburg, N. Carolina
T/5 Charles Hatch, Syracuse, New York
Pfc. Bradley Hathaway, Akron, Ohio
Pvt Gene Legg, Michigan
T/5 James Davis, Waterloo, Iowa
Richard, truck "The Shop", Saalfeld, Germany, 1945.
Richard in Falkenstein, Germany, near Czech border, on V-Day, May 8, 1945.
Hotel Anker, Germany, where Dad stayed, 1945. Arrow points to Richard's room.
Hotel Anker, Saalfeld, Germany, 1945. Richard and Charlie Coughenour looking out from their hotel room window.
Dad's military pass into Paris.
Howard and Elsa Jones. Howard was Dad's staff-sergeant in World War II. John's parents went to Youngstown, Ohio, to their 50th wedding anniversary.