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John Hornish II Obituary + Lock of Hair Obituary, John Hornish II, father of Elizabeth Hornish Lehman.
Found in the Elizabeth Lehman Family Bible along with his lock of hair.
Hornish Residence. Photo taken July 4, 1947. Irene: This would be my grandma Lehman's home before she was married. Elizabeth Hornish Lehman's home. East of Poplar Ridge Church, within one mile.
Emma Hornish, b. May 13, 1871; d. Aug 15, 1895. Died age 24 of typhoid fever. Daughter of John William Hornish II and Eve Freece. She married Wesley Isuah Kintner, son of Andrew Kintner and Elizabeth Aldorfer.

Samuel was brother to Emma Hornish b. May 13, 1871. Samuel Hornish m. Hanna Williams. Their daughter Emma Hornish b. Aug 19, 1888 in Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co., Ohio; d. Feb 7, 1915 (age 26).

Note: If handwriting is grandmother's, grandmother's aunt is the first Emma above. Grandmother Kintner's mother was Elizabeth Hornish m. John Williams Lehman. Elizabeth Hornish was a sister to Emma Hornish b. May 13, 1871.
Gravestone, John and Elizabeth Hornish.
Hornish Family Gravesite.
John and Eve Hornish.
George and Mandy Hornish Irene Kintner Knarr: "Uncle" George and "Aunt" Mandy Hornish. George had a glass eye. Mandy was a sister of my Dad's mother, Mary Hane Kintner. George was a brother to my mother's mother, Elizabeth Hornish Lehman.
Obituary for George Hornish, age 93. George was born June 7, 1863, a son of John and Eve (Freese) Hornish. He was married March 29, 1885 to Amanda Hane, who preceded him in death. Burial was in Riverside cemetery. George died August 5, 1956.
George Hornish (1863-1956), Memorial Card George Hornish (1863-1956), Memorial Card.
Pauline Yenser and Irene Knarr inside the Defiance Church of the Brethren. 1993 photo. Irene is Third Cousin of Pauline (Shock) Yenser. Pauline's great-grandmother on her father's (Shock) side was Elizabeth Hornish m. Michael Shock. Elizabeth was daughter of John William Hornish I and Catherine Ely.
Obituary, Pauline's mother, Sarah Shock.
Veulah Hornish Veulah Hornish. Recognized as the oldest attendee (97 years of age) at the annual Hornish Reunion, Sept. 1, 2013, Poplar Ridge Church of the Brethren, Defiance County, OH.
Dorothy Hornish Chase; daughter of Jay Hornish. Dorothy Hornish Chase; married Ted Chase; daughter of Jay Hornish.
Photo: Smith Studio, Defiance
Nora Chase, Teacher Nora Chase, Teacher; sister to Ted Chase.
Carl Hornish Carl Hornish 1900?