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Lehman Family homestead. On North Poplar Ridge six miles north of Defiance, Ohio.
The Lehman Homestead on the Ridge, Defiance County, OH. Irene Kintner Knarr: The ground was rich on the ridge. Pumpkins and squash grew and grew!
Lehman brick home north of Defiance. Irene: Where my mother, Adam and Bertha were raised. At that time a big wide cement porch located like porch now but extending all the way around the north and east sides to back doors--a wonderful ride in a wagon with one leg in wagon and pushing with other foot--or for an exhilarating ride guiding while a brother pushed or vice versa, pushing brothers. You can see the house plainly from the North Poplar Ridge Church. A big gravel pit used to be between the two but now is all leveled off for farming. The big bank barn and row of other buildings between house and barn are all gone now--replaced by 4 or 5 huge metal storage bins.
Lehman clan. Bertha and Adam Lehman on the left. Irene is being held by ?. Irene's mother and grandfather Lehman also in photo. Also Vernon, Lowell, Raymond Kintner. The couple on the right is unidentified.
Lehmans. Adam Lehman on right. Adam was grandmother's only brother who lived. Grandpa Lehman by tree? RPPC, AZO stamp block.
Elizabeth Hornish Lehman, tintype. This is the only tintype photograph that Mother had.
Elizabeth Hornish Lehman.
Bertha Lehman and her mother Elizabeth.
Adam Lehman, in WWI uniform. Adam was Bertha's brother. Adam and Bertha were brother and sister to John's grandmother, Eva (Lehman) Kintner.
Barracks of Medical Corps, Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio. Adam Lehman was stationed there in World War I.
Lehman School where Eva, Adam and Bertha Lehman went to school. Just north of the Lehman homestead.
Lehman School, No. 9; Emma Hane, Teacher Souvenir Booklet-Lehman School Sub-District No. 9, Adams Township, Defiance County, OH. Emma Hane, Teacher. Winter Term, 1899-1900, commencing Oct. 30 and ending April 12.

Girls: Callie Bishop, Lizzie Bishop, Stella Bidlack, Clara Clemens, Clara Fronk, Clara Hornish, Anna Hornish, Pearlie Marckel, Mamie Mekus, Anna Mekus, Eva Mason, Maggie Leithauser, Theresa Leithauser, Gertrude Leithauser, Eve Lehman, Sarah Lehman, Effie Lehman, Loretta Lehman, Annie Lehman, Emma Lehman, Bertha Lehman, Nora Lehman, Pearlie Weis, Ethel Weis.

Boys: Joseph Bishop, George Bishop, Jesse Bishop, Martin Coressel, Donald Clemens, Charley Hornish, Elmer Hornish, Jay Hornish, George Hornish, Johnie Lehman, Elmer Lehman, Ammie Lehman, George Lehman, Charley Lehman, Adam Lehman, Albert Leithauser, Daniel Leithauser, Johnie Leithauser, William Marckel, Lawrence Marckel, Emmet Marckel, Harley Mason, Maynard Seibert.
Lehman School - Teacher & Scholars, October 1901  Lehman School, October 1901: Teacher Robert M. Sanford and Scholars.
In rear, L-R: Charley May, Ed Lehman, Bertha Lehman, Norma Lehman, Mabel May, Barbara Lehman, Minnie May

In front, L-R: Charles Shock, Perry Lehman, Carl Hornish, Delbert Hornish, Henry Shock, Nora Hornish, Stella Lehman, Della Bishop
Lehman School No. 9, Term 1905-1906 Souvenir Booklet, Lehman School District No. 9, Adams Township, Defiance County, Ohio, Term 1905-1906. Abby A. Willeman, Teacher.

Pupils: Della Bishop, Maggie Leithauser, Bertha Lehman, Retta Lehman, Barbara Lehman, Mabel May, Karine Westrick, Jacob Clemens, Edward Corressel, Carl Hornish, Jay Hornish, Eddie Lehman, Perry Lehman, Carl Leithauser, Earl Michael, Edward Sheets, Anna Lehman, Stella Lehman, Emma Lehman, Norah Lehman, Marcella Mekus, Minnie May, Jessie Bishop, Raymond Clemens, Delbert Hornish, Elmer Hornish, Adam Lehman, Sammy Lehman, Elmer Lehman, Leo Leithauser, Charlie May, Elmer Michael.
Eva Lehman. John's grandmother.
Eve Lehman, Presentation Card Eve Lehman, Presentation card.
Bertha Lehman, unmarried sister to Eva Lehman Kintner Bertha Lehman, sister to Adam and Eva.
Bertha Lehman, Eva (Lehman) Kintner's sister.
Bertha Lehman.
Bertha; never married.
Bertha Lehman (1892-1969), Memorial Card  
Emma Lehman married Henry Noffsinger.
Family of Henry and Nancy Lehman. Effie on left. Sam in middle. Lauretta and Anna Lehman on right. Anna married English.
The family of Jake and Mary Jane (Lehman) Bishop. George on left; Jesse on right. Callie in back married MacDonald; Della Bishop in middle married Mahan.
1950 photograph at Grandma Nancy Lehman's--Paul, Chuck, Carl, Harold, Bob.
Real Photo Postcard, AZO stamp block. Adam Lehman, brother to Eva (Lehman) Kintner. Served in World War I; was stationed near Columbus, Ohio.
Irene on Uncle Adam's shoulder.
Bertha Lehman.
Adam Lehman, brother to Eva Lehman Adam Lehman, brother to Bertha and Eva Lehman; he never married.
Bertha Lehman, sister to Adam and Eva Lehman; she never married.
Photograph dated Oct. 7, 1928.
Lehman farm buildings. Note the banked barn. All these buildings were gone when we visited in the 1990s. Irene recalls the story when the Lehman auto was driven up the bank in front of the barn, continued right through the barn, and exited through the back, dropping onto a manure pile. The driver and auto were not hurt, but the smelly incident was a favorite story told over the years at family gatherings!
See the horse and buggy in the background. On the Lehman farm.
Horses hitched to wagon on the Lehman farm.
Automobile at the Lehman farm. Adam's?
Another car at the Lehman place.
Presumably, autos gather at Lehman? reunion.
Lehman Log House, Adams Twp., Defiance Co., OH

Irene Knarr: This is the Lehman homestead north of Defiance, Ohio. My great grandparents John and Elizabeth Lehman built this home when one of first settlers in Defiance County. It stood about 200 feet East of the big brick home. They built the big brick home where my grandparents lived and my mother, Eva, Aunt Bertha and Uncle Adam were raised. Aunt Bertha and Uncle Adam (Neither ever married) kept living there and farmed the land until they sold it (when I was in college) and moved to Defiance, Ohio.
Irene believes this house was her great-grand-parents Lehman home, the house that stood east of the big brick house.
Lowell (in front), Raymond (in middle) and Vernon in front of their grandparents' Lehman home.
l-r, Vernon, Raymond, and Lowell at the Lehmans.
When the big brick home of Lehmans was sold, Uncle Adam and Aunt Bertha moved into this home on West High Street in Defiance. This property and the land to the North was later sold to Rest Home. This house was torn down when the Rest Home was built.
Irene prepared the rooms in this Defiance house for Aunt Bertha when Adam and Bertha moved into Defiance.
Retti, Eva, Jennie, Effie Lehman Retti Lehman; Eva Lehman; Jennie Lehman; Effie Lehman.
Photo: Groselle, Defiance, OH. From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Retti Lehman. Photo-Groselle, Defiance, OH. Retti Lehman. From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Rettie Lehman, Henry Lehman's daughter. John Knarr found this photo at an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan. Lauretta Lehman b. July 25, 1888; d. Dec 12, 1974, was the daughter of Henry Williams Lehman b. Aug 27, 1862; d Oct 16, 1942, and Nancy Eve Hornish b. Apr 4, 1867; d. Sept 22, 1955.
Jennie Lehman. John Knarr found this photograph at an antique store near Irish Hills, Michigan. Jennie Bell Lehman b. Nov 20, 1879; d. May 10, 1960, m. Thomas Hiler. She was the daughter of Walter Lehman and Anna Barbara Goppard. Walter was the son of Henry and Mary Jane (Williams) Lehman.
Jennie Lehman; photo-Groselle, Defiance, OH. Jennie Lehman. Photo: Groselle Studio, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Effie Lehman; photo-Groselle, Defiance, OH Effie Lehman; from the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Effie Lehman and Annie Hornish Rupp Effie Lehman and Annie Hornish Rupp.
Photo: Groselle, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Minnie Carpenter Patton. This photograph was found by John Knarr in an antique store near Irish Hills, Michigan. Minnie m. Archie Patton. She was the daughter of Andrew and Frances Elizabeth (Lehman) Carpenter. Frances Elizabeth b. March 10, 1857; d. Jan 1, 1944 was the daughter of Henry and Mary Jane (Williams) Lehman.
Pearl Marckel (Marckle) and Emmit Marckel, children of Eli Marckel and Susan Carpenter. Eli was the son of Ephram Marckel and Barbara Lehman, sister to Henry Lehman, and a daughter of Jacob Lehman and Mary Weis.
Enid Lehman Enid Lehman.
Photo: Groselle, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Henry Lehman gravestone.
John and Mom at the Lehman grave site.
John, Mom, Carol and Eva at Lehman tombstone.
John W. and Elizabeth Lehman tombstone.
Obituary, John W. Lehman. He was born Oct 10, 1850 and helped to a great extent in clearing the farm where he lived. John W. Lehman married in 1878 Elizabeth Hornish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hornish.
Headstones, Bertha and Adam Lehman.
Lehman gravestone in Sherwood cemetery. Park and Lizzie Lehman.
Poplar Ridge Cemetery, July 4, 1947. Visible are Shock, Bishop, Gardner graves.
Elma and Chuck (Charles) Jackson in front of Poplar Ridge Church (Southwest of Lehman homestead). Elma, as well as Irene's mother's family (Lehman) were all baptized there.
Lehman Family Reunion, 1927.
Lehman Family Reunion in 1944 and 1945, Defiance, OH Lehman Family Reunions in Defiance, OH, 1944, 1945.