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Hane homestead. Irene's grandmother Mary Hane Kintner was raised here. Photo taken circa 1998.
Irene (Kintner) Knarr has identified the individuals in this Hane family photo. The children of John and Elizabeth Engle Hane are numbered 1-11:
Front row L to R.
1. Alex Hane. Alex lived north of Defiance, Ohio on Banner School Road. Alex was killed by a runaway horse in a field. Besides a farmer he was a minister. My cousin, Ila Rose, his granddaughter said, "They said he preached Hell on Sunday and raised it the rest of the week." Alex's children: (a) John Hane, Sherwood. His children and grandchildren: Lois Baldwin, 19998 Bostater Rd., Defiance, Ohio; Doris Kelly, Elana Lee Frappier, Eloise McBride, Jim, Billy. (b) Flossie (Mrs. Sherman) Breininger, Mark Center, Ohio. One child (my age): Ila Rose Breininger Slough, 108 E. Edgerton St., Hicksville, Ohio. Tele: 419-542-7422. One of her two boys lives on the homeplace on R. 37 between Sherwood and Hicksville. I think it's the first farm west of the Mark Center corner on the South side. (c) Stella (Mrs. Lloyd) Kinzer near Farmer, Ohio. Stella's children are: Betty Rickenbey, Mary Jane ?, Keith, and Kenneth Kinzer, dec. (d) Pearl Breininger's children: Richard, dec., John, and Audrey Rohrs, Twin Rivers, Bryan, Ohio.

In center front row are my great-grandparents: John and Elizabeth Engle Hane. Married May 12, 1859, parents of six sons and seven daughters. Lived north of Defiance on Banner School Road. John was born Feb. 13, 1841 and died on his 80th birthday, 1921. He was born in Coshocton County. In 1871 the family of eight started to Defiance County. After clearing a home in the forest, he helped organize Banner School. John enlisted in Co. H, 80th Regiment of the Ohio volunteer infantry and later was in Sherman's Famous March to the Sea. Six of his family preceded him in death: His wife, Elizabeth, March 24, 1904; three sons--John in infancy; Daniel in 1899; Charles L. in 1908; and two daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Mulligan, 1890; Anna M. wife of Clarence Tittle, 1919.

2. Mary M. Hane Kintner, 1861-1932; married Samuel Kintner, 1860-1925. Made their home one mile north of Sherwood, Ohio, on what is now 127 on east side. Their first home was made into a granary where crops were stored. I can remember playing in it--climbing the ladder to the upstairs or loft. Their second house was very much as it is today except with porches enclosed. There was also a "summerhouse" built at the back porch. It had two rooms where grandma could do her laundry and canning. Also on hot days she'd cook there to keep the heat out of the house. One night it caught fire and I happened to see it first from my bedroom window. The summerhouse was destroyed but the house saved. Grandma always kept a big box of spools under the stairsteps to build with and entertain the grandchildren. Grandpa was a beeman and often came to help my dad. He always had a penny for me, but I never stayed out long for bees loved to get in my hair. Gradpa could have a whole swarm of bees on him without getting stung. Grandpa died when I was five. Their children were: John Edward (1884-1961); Charles Lincoln (1886-1983); and Fannie Haggeman.

Back row left to right:
3. Harmon. Ran Colonial Restaurant in Irish Hills, Michigan, a popular eating place for the rich from Detroit. A dance hall, secluded by a hill, from the restaurant was another drawing card. The last I knew the restaurant became a gun shop. Uncle Harmon had two children. Virgil ran a gas station across the busy highway from the restaurant. We visited him in the 1980s. He had one room set aside for family pictures. This one was a large framed one. He developed a "Dinosaur Park" after that with a train running through it. Virgil married a Degler girl and when Virgil died, few Hanes hear of it. He died of a blood disease in 1991, and is buried at Maple Shade Cemetery in Onsted, Michigan. Uncle Harmon and Aunt Lillian's other child was Grace, my age. I usually spent a week at Irish Hills in the summer but Grace always had to wait tables when they were busy. Harmon's did have a secluded lake on their farm, but we never went swimming. Uncle Harmon had asthma so bad he could scarcely breathe. He was always short of breath and short-tempered. I never tried to cross his path. Only once did he aske me to wait tables. Instead of giving me a table of two, he gave me a round table. I was coached to "serve from left; pick up on right." My fatal mistake came when I tried serving a bowl of soup from the right. The young man had his long legs extened on that side. I spilled some of the soup and was never asked to wait tables again. I helped in the kitchen with salads and did more than my share of washing dishes. Grace died suddenly the first year I was in college. I was sixteen then and didn't get to go.

4. Clara V. was a teacher and was never married. She made her home with Harmon's after she retired. I remember her best down on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors.

5. Uncle Henry was a teacher and a farmer. He lived north of Defiance. Ila Rose said he was afraid of the banks--probably after the bank closings in the depression days--so he kept his money in a burlap sack in the trunk of his car. Uncle Henry had one daughter, Mabel, also a teacher. She had at least two boys but do not know her married name. Mabel died of cancer.

6. Next to Uncle Henry is Annie Tittle. I can remember mother talking about Annie. I think they may have done quilting together. She died in 1919, the year before I was born.

7. Charley was a doctor killed in a horse and buggy accident while doctoring in Florida. He continued caring for his patients until infection brought an untimely death. Five doctors from Defiance went to Florida and served as pallbearers. He was killed in 1908.

8. Daniel, a teenager, was killed by a bolt of lightning as he tried to shut a window in a barn in 1899.

9. Mandy married George Hornish who had a glass eye. Aunt Bertha, mother's sister, stayed in their home and helped in their declining years. They gave Aunt Bertha a sewing rocking chair for her work, but the family came and asked to have it back after Aunt Bertha died. Uncle George and Aunt Mandy were favorites of mine. They were double cousins of my folks. Aunt Mandy on Dad's side and Uncle George Hornish on mother's side.

10. Bertha, Mrs. William Deepe. One of her daughters was Ruth, Mrs. Eno Hartman, who died in 1990. She ran a beauty shop and formerly worked at Uhlman's and Charles' clothing stores in Defiance. Those were two of my mother's favorite stores to shop in. Ruth was preceded in death by one brother and three sisters. Ruth's burial was in the Evansport cemetery.

11. Emma Goddard. It was either Bertha or Emma who raised Grace Bishop.
Hane clan.
Hane gathering.
Anna Hane, Alex's wife. Died Dec. 27, 1938. Born in Pennsylvania; was Pennsylvania Dutch. Maiden name was Anna Fenstermaker, with German spelling of Fenstermacher.
Anna Hane, Alex Hane's wife; Ila Rose's grandmother; Melissa's great, great grandmother Hane.
Sherman and Flossie (Hane) Breininger with daughter Ila Rose (Slough) Sherman and Flossie (Hane) Breininger, with daughter Ila Rose (Slough).
Pearl (Hane) Breininger on right; her sister Stella on the left. Irene: My Dad's first cousins on his mother's side.
Pearl Breininger and husband. Pearl Belle Hane m. Breininger. Pearl was a granddaughter of John Hane and Elizabeth Engle. Her parents were Alexander Hane and Anna B. Fenstermacher.
Ila Rose Breininger's parents were Flossie Hane and John Sherman Breininger. Flossie was a sister to Pearl.
Pearl Breininger and husband. Pearl Hane Breininger with husband.
Dr. Charles Hane.
Charley Hane Charley Hane; from the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Obituary, Dr. Charles L. Hane. Dr. Hane was born February 7, 1868 in Jefferson Township, Coshocton County, Ohio. In 1870 he came with his parents to Defiance County. In 1897 he graduated from the Starling Medical College of Columbus, Ohio. He married Ida Gunn on May 12, 1898. They had one son, Richard. His medical practice of eleven years was in Florida (Henry County), Ohio. Returning from a visit to a patient on October 17, Dr. Hane was thrown forward by the sudden and unexpected lunge of his horse. He suffered sustained bruises to the face and a deep wound on the bridge of his nose. He died of Tetanus. Burial was in the Florida cemetery.
Obituary, Part 1, Dr. Chas. Lincoln Hane.
Obituary, Part 2, Dr. Chas. Lincoln Hane.
Alex Hane; Ila Rose's grandfather.
Mabel Hane, daughter of Henry Hane. Mabel taught school; had a couple of sons.
Emma Hane. This photograph was discovered by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan. Emma b. Apr 16, 1876; d. 1921 was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Engle) Hane.
Emma Hane's husband, Allen Goddard of Defiance, Ohio. This photograph was found by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan.
Emma and Allen Goddard.
Obituary, Emma (Hane) Goddard.
Allen Goddard's sister Lenna? with her husband, William Stutzman of Defiance, Ohio. Photograph was discovered by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan.
Henry W. Hane, teacher. Irene's grandma Mary Kintner's brother. It was said that he kept his money in a burlap sack in the trunk of his car.
Irene (Kintner) Knarr's grandmother's (Dad's mother) father and mother--John and Elizabeth Engle Hane.
Grace Mulligan. Photograph found by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan. Grace married George Bishop b. Jan 16, 1897; d. Dec 30, 1957. She was the daughter of Thomas Mulligan and Sarah Elizabeth Hane, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Engle) Hane.
Grace Mulligan. In the photo, Grace had high button shoes on. She married George Bishop and lived on the corner north of the Lehman homestead. Their place was catty-cornered from Veda Bishop's folks' place.
Grace Mulligan Grace Mulligan.
Photo: Groselle, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
George and Grace (Mulligan) Bishop George and Grace (Mulligan) Bishop.
Photo: Beardsley, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
George and Grace (Mulligan) Bishop George and Grace (Mulligan) Bishop.
Photo: Beardsley, Defiance, OH.
From the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr.
Clara Bishop Clara Bishop
Clara Bishop (1883-1959), Memorial Card Clara V. Bishop (1883-1959), Memorial Card
Obituary, Thomas Mulligan.
Stellie Goddard of Defiance, Ohio. This photograph was uncovered by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan.
Bell Deepe m. Wallace Deckman of Defiance. She was a sister to William Henry Deepe who married Bertha C. Hane, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Engle) Hane. This photograph was found by John Knarr in an antique shop near Irish Hills, Michigan.
Harmon Hane's restaurant, Irish Hills, Michigan.
Schoolhouse west of Hane homestead that Hanes helped start. Now a home dwelling north of Defiance about four miles on Rt. 66.
Tombstone, John and Elizabeth Engle Hane.
Obituaries, John and Elizabeth Hane.
Tombstone, Alexander Hane.
Hane Homestead on Banner Road. August 1919. John Hane with white beard. Sam and Mary Kintner seated on left in photo. Sam and Mary Kintner were John's great-grandparents. John and Elizabeth Engle Hane were John's great-great grandparents.
Gathering at the Hane Homestead.
Breiningers on the right. Pearl (Hane) Breininger was grandpa Kintner's first cousin on his mother's side. Pearl's sister Flossie is on the left. Flossie was married to John Sherman Breininger and was Ila Rose's mother. Another photo that mom had identified the lady on the left as Stella, another sister. Pearl b. Nov 23, 1888 and Stella b. Mar 16, 1897 were daughters of Alexander Hane. Stella married Lloyd Kinzer.
Clara V. Hane, b. March 4, 1874; d. December 22, 1955.
Lightning kills Daniel Hane.
Obituary, Daniel Hane.
John Hane Farm Sale Notice.
1920 Hane-Mowery-Engle Reunion.
1937 Hane-Mowery-Engle Reunion.
1939 Hane-Mowery-Engle Reunion.
1941 Hane-Mowery-Engle Reunion.
Haney-Mowery-Engle Reunion Notice for August 15, 1943 1943 Haney-Mowery-Engle 33rd Annual Reunion at Kingsbury Park, Defiance OH Aug 15