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Merril Royer at his 90th birthday celebration Merrill and Eunice Royer, with children Dale, Bea and Garry. Merrill's 90th birthday celebration held in the Brick Room at the Greenville Brethren Home.
Merrill, speaking at gathering for his 90th birthday. Merrill, giving an autobiography to those gathered for his 90th birthday party, held in the Brick Room, Greenville Brethren Home.
Merrill giving talk at 90th birthday celebration Merrill Royer giving a talk and some family history at gathering for his 90th birthday.
Merrill, Eunice, Dale, Bea and Garry.
Merrill,with his 3 children Dale, Bea and Garry.
Merrill, Eunice and Bea with sign, celebrating Merrill's 90th birthday.
merrill-cousins Merrill, with first cousins Martha Sue Royer Wenger, Nancy Royer Mack, Miriam Royer Hicks, Edwin Royer, and Marjorie Royer Denlinger.  Second row: Sons Dale and Garry, Cousin Doris Royer Cheney, half sister Joyce Ann Royer Clingman, and daughter Bea Royer Knarr
Doris Cheney, Emmert Royer, and Merrill.
merrill-joyce Merrill and Joyce Royer Clingman.
Emmert and Bea, standing with Brian and Kim Bolinger holding niece Sophia Knarr, 6 months old.
Eunice, Emmert, and Dale Royer.
Eunice, Dick and Joyce Clingman, holding grandson Ben.
Dick Clingman and Paige Royer.
Bea, with brothers Garry and Dale.  Dale and Nancy attached 90 dollar coins to the self-made birthday card.  All of people in Bea's, Garry's and Dale's families signed the card
Bea, her son Jim, and Joyce Clingman.
Bea and John with children's families John and Bea, children, grandchildren, with Merrill and Eunice.
bekah and heidi  Cousins Bekah Rich, age 5 and Heidi Bolinger, age 5-1/2
Jim with daughter Sopia, Merrill and Eunice Royer. Jim with daughter Sophia, and grandparents Merrill and Eunice.
Sisters Heidi and Katie Bolinger and their cousin Bekah Rich.
Cori Royer, Kelly and Marc Rich, Kim and Brian Bolinger are standing and visiting.
Marcand Kelly Rich and visiting with Cori Royer.
david-sean-chad-others David Royer, nephew to brothers Sean and Chad Royer (all are in foreground) and others.
dale-jennifer-dale wenger Dale Royer, with cousin Jennifer Studenka; Dale Wenger in background.
cheryl-jennifer Cheryl along with Jennifer and Dave Studenka with their twin boys.
Jeremy-David-Bea Jeremy, David, Bea's nephews at table.
Jeremy, David and Bea.
Garry-Paige-families Garry, Paige and family. Front row Tyler, Paige, Luke, and Garry holding Nathaniel
Row two Cori and Chad, Izek with Sean, Kyle and Gina
merrill-martha-dale Merrill, with Martha and Dale Wenger.
Garry, with Martha and Dale Wenger.
Eunice with David Eunice, with grandson David.
Edwin-Kim-Brian Edwin Royer, with Kim and Brian Bolinger.
Edwin, with Bonnie Edwin, with Bonnie.
Doris-Nancy Doris Cheney, with  sister Nancy Mack.
Doris-Marjorie Doris, with first cousin Marjorie Weeks.
doris-john-edwin Doris and John Cheney with her brother Edwin Royer.
clarence-miriam Clarence and Miriam Hicks, with Dave Studenka holding twin boys.
marjorie-miriam-nancy Marjorie Weeks, cousin to sisters Miriam Hicks and Nancy Mack.
bekah-heidi-balloons Bekah and Heidi, with balloons in celebration of great grandpa Merrill Royer's 90th birthday.
kim-jim-emmert Jim, seated and Emmert Royer with niece Bea.
kyle-cheryl Kyle Royer, with Cheryl and her daughter
sean-jim-sherry-sophia Sean Royer talking with 1st cousin Jim Knarr. wife Sherry Knarr is holding daughter Sophia.
Merrill and Eunice, holding great granddaughter Sophia, Sherry and Jim(grandson) Knarr
Merrill, Eunice, holding Sophia, 6 months and Jim.
merrill-jim-eunice Jim, between Merrill and Eunice.