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Hulda with Francis and Spencer.
Hulda, holding Richard, 4 years old. In the middle is John Herrick's wife, Grace. John and Grace Herrick had three sons--Gerald, Neil and one younger. Neighbor lady (Mrs. Bauman-no relation) on right.
Hulda, Sunday School teacher at Pulaski. Richard wearing hat next to his mother. Charles Needham is second boy from the right in back row.
Richard's Second Grade Class; Richard's face is partially hidden, in row 3. Circa 1922..
Richard and Irene, wedding day. Sherwood Ohio farm. June 1, 1941. This was the only time that Dad recalls wearing white shoes. Mom had no bridal veil. They were married just before lunch, on June 1, 1941.
This was the day that Richard left for the military. He was to serve on the European war front in 1944-1945.
Richard, gardening in parents' garden, summer 1943.
Irene in garden, first pregnancy.
Hulda, Richard, Elmer, Dorothy, Donna.
Hulda, with sister Mazie.
Grandma Hulda, at Richard & Irene's "This is Your Life" party.
John was born August 1, 1942, in this white house, Winamac, Indiana.
At Grandma Hulda's.
Jimmy with his Dad, Grandfather, and Great Grandmother Hulda.
Hulda Knarr and her sister Nell Budd, with our family at Grandma Knarr's.
Irene's class at Laketon School. Grade 4, 1975-76.
Irene's class at Laketon Elementary. Grade 3, 1977-78.
Irene's class at Laketon Elementary School. Grade 5, 1964-65.
Bea, 1963 Manchester College senior.
Jim, born October 11, 1967, Hornell, New York.
Jimmy, in Grandmother's arms, Alfred, New York.
At the LBJ ranch, Texas, 1968.
John and Jim with Raul Trevino, Monterey, Mexico. December 1968. John and Raul were graduate students at Columbia University, and roomed on the same dormitory floor in John Jay.
Carol and Jim's birthdays, October 10-11.
Richard held evangelistic church services at different churches in the 1950s.
Rev. Richard Knarr, in the pulpit.
Blue River Church of the Brethren.
Knarrs at Hocking State Park, Ohio.
Knarr gathering at Hocking Hills, Memorial Day Weekend 1995.
Joyce, with Cheryl.
Cheryl and Joyce.
Photo taken in kitchen. Note the stove in background. Thanksgiving, 1997. From left to right: Kelly, Kim, Sherry, Jim, Cheryl, Eva, Paul.
John, taking a bath.
At Bedford limestone quarry, August 1952. John with sisters Elaine, Eva and Janet.
In the hills of Southern Indiana. August 1952. John with his three sisters, Eva, Elaine and Janet.
John and his rabbits. August 1955.
John showing off his insect collection. August 1956.
Joyce, with snowman. Basketball goal on barn in background.
Janet, with Carol.
The Knarr family on the Manchester College campus.
Janet, on stage, Manchester College, Spring 1965, Bye-Bye Birdie.
The Hawthorne family.
John and Bea, with the Micronesians. Peace Corps training, Key West, Florida, August 1966.
Kelly, Senior in Manchester High School.