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  Manchester College grads, Richard Knarr and Irene Kintner. 1939.
Richard, 1939, in cap and gown. Dad had entered Manchester College in the Fall of 1937 with just $15.00 in his pocket. The College President Otho Winger assisted in getting Richard some campus work to defray his college expenses. Richard worked at two different jobs and was able to pay for his expenses. During his second year he was able to borrow $100 from a Winamac bank with the assistance of Schuyler Budd.
Richard and Irene at Richard's parents' farm outside Winamac.
Irene and Grandma Hulda at Winamac farm.
Irene and Hulda Knarr, Richard's mother, at Winamac farm.
Elmer was Richard's best man at their wedding.
Ed and Eva Kintner; Hulda and Harley Knarr.
Irene with John. Akron, Indiana, on Cherry Street.
We stayed with Dr. Herrick's mother from Sept 1942-Feb 1943 while Richard was grade school principal there. Then he was drafted.
Irene with John, in stroller.
Richard, with baby John. Akron, Indiana.
Richard with baby Janet in baby stroller Richard with baby John in stroller.
At Akron, Indiana.
Irene with John Irene with John, playing with leaves.
Youngstown, Ohio, October 1944. At Buzz and Elsa Jones' parents' place.
Last get-together before Richard left for overseas.
Richard with John, 1944, Youngstown, Ohio. Last leave before going overseas.
Photograph taken in October 1944, just before Richard went overseas. Youngstown, Ohio.
Francis Knarr, with wife Anita, Betty, Bob, Eddie.
Richard with John. Betty, Bob, Eddie, Phillip.
Spencer Knarr with Ruth and son Phillip.
Grandpa and Grandma Knarr. Richard (in uniform) is holding John. Families of Francis and Spencer.
Harley and Hulda Knarr. Richard in uniform holding John.
Richard, with his parents Hulda and Harley Knarr, on the day he left for the army during WWII. They are standing on the east side of the farmhouse. The house faced north, down a long lane (see photo). The side entrance went to the basement. It was a two-story farmhouse with four bedrooms upstairs. The front room had a fireplace. Shep the dog is also in the photo. Just south of the farm lived a Polish family, originally from Chicago. Occasionally their bull would breach the fence and mingle with the Knarr cattle. Harley would order Shep to chase the bull away and back to the other farm. All the farming was done with horses and no tractor power. The farm consisted of 337 acres but half the property was timberland. Only about 150 acres was tillable. The Knarrs were tenant farmers. Aetna Life Insurance owned the farmland. The farm was located about six miles northwest of Winamac. You would leave Winamac going west on St. Road 14 for two or three miles, then north two miles, turn back west about one mile; the farm was situated on the south side of the road. Richard relates the store that their woods were full of blueberries (they then called them huckleberries). Hulda would always have customers in town for whatever berries were picked. Such money received represented a needed supplement to their meagre income during the Depression years. Within a  year of Richard leaving for the army, Harley and Hulda moved to a smaller farm on the Tippecanoe River north of Winamac. Grandma liked to fish there.
Richard's sister, Dorothea (Knarr) Ottinger.
John with cousin Larry Ottinger John, with cousin Larry Ottinger. At Grandma and Grandpa Knarr's place out on the hill.
John, with Mother. War's over. Daddy's home!
Liberty Mills, Indiana. On back porch, first house east of Post Office.
Home in Liberty Mills, first house east of post office. Front porch built in now.
John with birthday cake, at Kintner farm. Bench and grindstone in the background.
John with birthday cake, three years old. Note in the background the grindstone and the bench Dad had constructed from a church bench.
John, with gifts, at Kintner farm north of Sherwood, Ohio. Pictures of Christmas presents were taken to send to Richard. December 1944. Richard had made the bench from an old church bench. John still has the large airplane.
John, at Kintner farm, Sherwood, Ohio. January 1945.
John with Grandpa and Grandma Kintner John, with Grandpa and Grandma Kintner, Sherwood Ohio farm. Mother and John stayed with them wile Richard was overseas, November 1944-November 1945. Dad entered the military in Feb 1943, Camp McCain, Mississippi.
Akron, Indiana. 1941 Ford. Car was purchased at the Moats Ford Dealership in Sherwood after the wedding in June 1941. Grandpa Kintner wanted the folks to have reliable transportation between Winamac and Sherwood.
1941 Ford, Akron, Indiana, Nov 1942.
Dr. Herrick's home on Cherry Street, Akron, Indiana. Moved there from Winamac when John was three weeks old. Richard was principal of the grade school in Akron until early February when he left for army camp in Mississippi (Camp McCain).
John in bib trousers.
John with cousins Marcella and Roger John, with older cousins Marcella and Roger Kintner. At Uncle Lowell's place--next place south of the farm that John's grandparents had. Mother's Grandparents--Sam and Mary Kintner lived there, where mother's Dad, Uncle Charles and Aunt Fannie were raised. Note Roger's suspenders and John's bib trousers.
John with David Bruch and Morris Sites and sister At Morris Sites' birthday party (Irene and Elmer Sites' son). His sister is beside him. David Bruch to the left. John on the right. We three boys celebrated several birthdays together, rotating homes to host the respective parties.
John, watering the milk cow John, water from the pump for milk cow.
Irene holding baby Janet Irene holding baby Janet. Standing in front of "Haley" farm house.
John and sister Janet on trikes John and Janet, on tricycles, at Haley farm.
  O.K. Popcorn venture. John and Steve O'Grady bagging popcorn to sell. 
The Knarr family. Summer 1960.