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  Photos from the collection of Irene Kintner Knarr (1920-1912)
Virginia Kintner Kynor Virginia Kintner Kynor, Uncle Charles daughter; niece of John Edward Kintner of Sherwood, OH; first cousin to Irene Kintner Knarr.
Christmas Greeting Card from Virginia Kintner Kynor Christmas Greeting Card from Virginia Kintner Kynor. In photo, children Jim, John and Margaret.
Pauline, Virginia and Otho Kintner Pauline, Virginia and Otho Kintner, children of Uncle Charles Kintner
Fannie Kintner, sister to John Edward Kintner Fannie Kintner, sister to John Edward Kintner of Sherwood, OH.
Kintner Family Gathering Front Row, l-r: Lowell Kintner b. 1912; Irene Kintner b. 1920; Vernon Kintner b. 1916; Raymond Kintner (1914-1929); Otho Kintner b. 1916; Grandma Mary M. Kintner (1861-1932); Dwight Kintner; Virginia Kintner b. 1914.
Back Row, l-r: John Edward Kintner (1884-1961); Eva Lehman-Kintner (1885-1958); Carlton (Arlene's husband); Arlene (daughter of Aunt Fannie); Aunt Fannie (1885-1935); Uncle Charles; Aunt Edith; Pauline b. 1912.
Mike & Elizabeth Kintner Mike Albert Kintner (1870); Elizabeth H. (Parker) (1872-1902); Ernest L. Kintner (1893-1917); Etta May Kintner (1896-1961).
Etta May m. Loy Jay Shock (1894-1974). Etta May was a first cousin of John Edward Kintner.
Elizabeth H. (Parker) Kintner died Aug. 16, 1902; her clothing caught fire while making apple butter. Irene referred to her as "Mary".
Ettie and Loy Shock Ettie and Loy Shock.
Ira Kintner b. May 9, 1863; son of Jacob Kintner Jr. Ira Elmore Kintner b. May 9, 1863; married Emma F. Thompson. Ira was son of Jacob Kintner Jr.
Children: Ora B., Florence, Bertha, Milton, Millie, Rosie, Marvel.
Curtis E. Kintner (1899-1942) Curtis E. Kintner, b. April 11, 1899; d. March 18, 1942. Memorial Card.
Curtis was the son of Daniel Melvin Kintner and Alice (LaVergne).
Obituary, Ely Kentner (1833-1888) Obituary, Ely Kintner/Kentner (1833-1888). Ely married Mary Marie Kintner (1842-1921)  -daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Mentzer) Kintner.
Daniel M. Kintner - Card Card, Daniel Melvin Kintner (1867-    ). Daniel married Alice LaVergne (d. 1920). They had two sons: Raymond Kintner d. in infancy; Curtis E. Kintner (1899-1942).