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1993, Irene at the Sherwood school.
Photo taken 1993. Formerly Mark Center High School.
Photo taken 1993. John's grandparents operated a grocery store in Mark Center shortly after they married. They lived about one mile west of the high school and one-half mile off that road. They later sold the store and building, moving to the farm north of Sherwood.
Photo taken 1993. The building in Mark Center that was owned by Ed and Eva Kintner after they married.
Grandpa Kintner's Kaiser. Photo taken Dec 1993. John and Bea in photo. Car in storage covered with grain dust.
Defiance Church of the Brethren. Irene and her brothers were baptized in this church. After the war, Richard was also baptized there.
Irene alongside river, Defiance, Ohio.
Slough Reunion. From left to right: Esther, Fred, Elnora Hiddelpriem; Minnie & Dale Harding; (Mrs. John) Leah Hornish; Geo & Grace Bishop; John Breininger (Pearl's Boy); John Hornish; Clarence Tittle; Uncle Henry Hane; Willard Mulligan; Flossie; Ila Rose; Pearl Breininger; Uncle George Hornish; Aunt Bertha Lehman; Ed & Eva Kintner; Mabel (Hane) Warner; Aunt Flora Hane; Ida Mulligan; Minnie Rupp.
Baby, Mike and Mary Kintner's. RPPC postmarked Dec 22, 1915.
50th Wedding Anniversary, Ed and Eva Kintner, 1958, Defiance Church of the Brethren. Framed print was a gift from the church.
Mom and Dad, with Robert and Eva Kintner in their Florida home.
Kathleen with her three brothers. Kathleen 13 yrs old; Robert 9 yrs; Kenny 5 weeks; Billy 11 yrs.
Kathleen, when Mom and Dad visited in Arizona.
Mom, hiking. Trip to AZ?
Vernon and Ruth Kintner in their Arizona home.
John and Bea, Elgin Kintner and wife; Genealogy Workshop at Timbercrest.
Kintners attending the Genealogy Workshop.