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John George "Bee" Kintner b. Oct 12, 1826; d. Jan 24, 1901, m. Frances (Fannie) Alderfer Jan 25, 1849.
The Maumee Church of the Brethren was built on the J.G. Kintner farm. When the Maumee Church was closed, the Defiance Church of the Brethren was founded. Charles Kintner (brother to John's grandfather Ed Kintner) was both founder and first pastor of the Defiance Church.
1924 Alderfer Reunion.
1924 Kintner Reunion.
1939 Kintner Reunion.
Grandpa J. Edward Kintner.
J. Edward Kintner, John's grandfather.
Autograph, Edward Kintner, Sherwood OH Autograph, Edward Kintner, Sherwood, OH.
John Edward Kintner (1884-1961), Memorial Card John Edward Kintner, Memorial Card.
Born January 26, 1884; date of death January 22, 1961.
Eva Kintner (1885-1958), Memorial Card Eva (Lehman) Kintner, b. Nov. 20, 1885; d. Sept. 18, 1958. Memorial Card.
Charles and Edith Kintner. Charles was Grandpa's brother.
Pauline, daughter of Charles and Edith Kintner. Married Frank Fogel.
Pauline, Irene's cousin.
Richard and Irene with Dwight Kintner, Pauline's younger brother.
Fannie, sister to Grandpa.
Souvenir Booklet School No. 3 in Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co., OH 1902-3

Pupils, 1902-3 Winter Term, School No. 3, Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH
Souvenir Booklet of the Winter Term 1902-03, Sub-District No. 3, Tiffin Township, Defiance Co, Ohio; Fannie Kintner, Teacher.

Girls: Edna Benner, Fannie Ury, Cora Pardee, Myrtie Bowers, Olga Benner, Vera Spangler, Enid McCord, Margie Benner, Cora Cooley, Edith Gorrel, Fannie Campbell, Leona Wieland, Ruth Bowers, Florence Coo'ey, Ruth Churchman, Vernis Campbell.

Boys: Ray Hall, Cromwell Hageman, Clarence Campbell, Charles Wieland, Frank Black, Elmore Wieland, Wesily Hire, Glen Gorrel, Harry McCord, George Acus, Harvey Benner, Samuel McCord, Charles Benner, Verna Paxton, Berl Churchman, Link Cooley, Willie Pardee.
Public School No. 1, Delaware Twp., Defiance Co., Fannie V. Kintner, Teacher Fannie V. Kintner, Teacher; Sub-District No. 1, Delaware Twp., Defiance Co., OH; Oct. 12, 1903-Feb. 12, 1904.
Aunt Fannie, her husband, and Arlene. Fannie V. Kintner b. Aug 2, 1895 in Steuben Co., IN; d. 1935, m. O.C. Hageman. Fannie was the daughter of Samuel H. and Mary (Hane) Kintner. Her daughter Arlene Hageman b. Nov 30, 1907, m. Robert Kesler.
Aunt Fannie, her husband, Arlene at the Sam Kintner home where Fannie, Ed and Charles were raised, one mile North of Sherwood, Ohio.
Arlene Hageman. Arlene Hageman.
Arlene Hageman.
Lowell, Raymond, Vernon and Irene at Uncle Adam and Aunt Bertha's place (Lehman homestead) Lowell, Raymond, Vernon and Irene Kintner at Uncle Adam and Aunt Bertha's place at Irene's Grandparents--John and Elizabeth Lehman home where Eva Kintner was raised, on North Poplar Ridge, Defiance County, OH.
Irene's father signed her report card.
Irene's Report Card, 1934-1935, 10th Grade.
1936 photograph of Irene, 15 years old, in High School.
Irene Kintner's Camp Mack Certificates Irene Kintner, August 1937, Camp Alexander Mack Certificates. At age 16, she attended Camp Mack on Lake Waubee, Milford IN.
Irene, 1939 photo.
Irene, 1939.
Irene, 1942.
Grandma Kintner in the kitchen area.
Rosie Kintner Ruppe, Defiance, Ohio. This photo was discovered by John Knarr in an antique store near Irish Hills, Michigan. Rose Caroline Kintner b. Jan 21, 1882; d. July 13, 1960, m. Benjamin Rupp (Ruppe). Rose was the daughter of Jacob "Preacher" Kintner, Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Barick. Jacob Jr. was the son of Jacob Kintner and Elizabeth Mentzer.
Sam and Lillian Flory (cousins to Eva Lehman) used to live north of Defiance but sold out and moved to the Flory farm on the Liberty Mills road (now where the families of Cliff Kindy and Bob Gross live). John has memory of seeing Sam in his farmer bib overalls sipping coffee in the diner in Liberty Mills.
Class Photo, Vernon. Vernon graduated from Ohio State University. In his Freshman year at OSU, he played trumpet and marched in the bank. That year they went to the Rose Bowl.
Lowell Kintner and classmates Lowell Kintner (male on left) and his classmates: Lutie B. Sharp; Miss "Kate" Davis; Helen Day; Catherine Eishen; Jessie Royel; Floyd Chase (male on right).
Commencement Exercies at the Opera House; Senior Class of Sherwood High School.
Lowell Kintner offered the Class Prophecy. Otho Winger, President of Manchester College, gave the Class Address.
Lowell Kintner, Sherwood H.S. Graduation, at Opera House Sherwood High School Graduates:
Ruth P. Henderson, Michael C. Minck, Hildred L. Ream, Raymond R. Rothhar, M. Doris Reyff, Charles E. McMillen, Ethel A. Musselman, Lowell V. Kintner, Geneva B. McMillen, Elwood E. Mohley.
Lowell Kintner (1912-1987), Memorial Card. Memorial Card, Lowell Kintner, b. Au 30, 1912; d. Feb 25, 1987.
Senior Class photo, Roger Kintner.
Wedding Announcement for Nancy Kay Engler and Roger Allen Kintner Wedding Announcement for Roger Allen Kintner and Nancy Kay Engler.
They were married on Saturday, October 12, 1963.
Marcella Kintner, Sherwood, OH Sherwood (OH) High School Senior Class photo, Marcella Kintner; Roger's sister.
Elgin Kintner's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Kintner. Photo in the home of Dr. Kintner. John remembers all the plants they had in their home, many different varieties. Dr. Kintner mentored John on school and 4-H projects such as Entomology, Indiana Trees, Woods and Leaves. Edward Kintner taught at Manchester College. In his final years, Dr. Kintner lived in the Peabody Retirement facility, North Manchester. There is a tree-plaque on the Peabody grounds in honor of the Kintners. Richard recalls Dr. Kintner telling the story of when he pastored the Roann Church of the Brethren, he was paid $2.50 each week "if they had it."