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  Grandparents Kintner and Knarr at wedding of Richard and Irene, Sherwood, Ohio. 
wedding article-irene kintner & richard knarr Newspaper coverage of the June 1, 1941 wedding of Irene and Richard...In a ceremony solemnized Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Kintner, in the presence of twenty-five relatives and friends, their only daughter, Irene, became the bride of Richard Knarr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Knarr of Winamac, Indiana. The Rev. Orville Noffsinger, pastor of the Church of the Brethren, Defiance, read the nuptial service. Attendants were Miss Grace Miriam Rodabaugh of Williamstown and Elmer Knarr of Winamac, brother of the bridegroom. The bride chose a light rose sheer frock for her wedding and carried pink roses. Miss Rodabaugh was attire in aqua sheer and her bouquet was an arrangement of sweetpeas. Miss Pauline Kintner of Auburn, Indiana, cousin of the bride, played the nuptial music and Mrs. Francis Knarr of Winamac, sang, "I Love You Truly" and "Perfect Love." After the ceremony a dinner was served to the bridal party and the attending guests. The bride is a graduate of Sherwood-Delaware high school, class of 1937, and of Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, class of 1939. Since her graduation she has taught in the Emmett school in Paulding county. Mr. Knarr, a graduate of Winamac high school, class of 1933, and also of Manchester College, in 1939, has been teaching at Monroe Center near Winamac. The couple will reside in Bryan for the summer while they have employment there, and in the fall will go to Winamac, where Mr. Knarr expects to resume his teaching.
Ed & Eva Kintner's farm, north of Sherwood, Ohio.
Irene recalls the time that it snowed so much that she could step over this fence on her way to school.
Kintner barn, Sherwood, Ohio.
Harvesting on the Kintner farm.
Kintner Farmall tractor and combine. Grandpa Kintner standing to the right.
Jay Kintner. Jay Kintner. Died in 1912; drowned in tub of rain water; went in head first.
Jay Kintner, Funeral Casket, 1912. Funeral Casket of Jay Kintner, died in 1912 in drowning accident.
Irene, 1921. Her mother had embroidered the Red Carnation Pillow.
Irene Evelyn Kintner; Smith's Studio, Defiance, OH Irene Kintner, ca 1921. Photo: Smith's Studio, Defiance, OH.
Irene in high chair.
Mom picking strawberries.
Lowell Kintner, Sherwood, OH Lowell Kintner, Irene's brother.
Lowell Kintner, Sherwood, OH. Lowell Kintner, Irene's brother.
Vernon and Raymond.
Irene Evelyn, Vernon Edison, Raymond Lester, Lowell Victor Kintner. Jay was the first-born; he died when he drowned in a tub of water outside. The tub was used to collect rainwater next to the house. Jay had gone missing and a search was conducted in the adjacent corn field. Jay had just started walking.
  Grandma Eva Lehman Kintner, Irene in high chair, Vernon. 
  Grandpa, Raymond, Vernon, Lowell. 
Mom on the farm.
  Mom, with Brother. 
Mom, on the Kintner homestead.
Mom, brothers Vernon and Raymond on right. Raymond was 14. Note the knickerbockers. This may have been Raymond's last picture before he died.
  Mom and neighbor Evelyn Baker. 
Sam Mohler, Church of the Brethren minister Rev. Sam Mohler, Defiance Church of the Brethren minister; he baptized Irene Kintner.
Sam and Mary Kintner's place. Fannie's husband in front of house. Boys-Lowell, Vernon, Raymond. Irene's mother is holding her. Mary Kintner, Arlene, Fannie in white dress, Pearl Breininger? behind the boys.
Sam and Mary Kintner on left. Boys are Lowell, Raymond, Vernon. Aunt Fannie and husband. Pearl Breininger is second from the right; Arlene Hageman is holding Irene.
Mary Kintner holding Irene. Note automobile in background. Photo taken in 1921.
Irene in Mary Kintner's arms. Lowell, Raymond, Vernon, Sam Kintner on left. Aunt Fannie and Eva Kintner, Pearl Breininger, second from the right.
Mom held by her mother Eva (Lehman) Kintner.
Mom, held in arms by grandma Kintner, in front of Sam and Mary Kintner farm house.
Left to right: Back row--Mary Hane Kintner, Samuel Kintner, Aunt Fannie's husband, Aunt Fannie, Eva Lehman Kintner with Irene, Edith Kintner and her husband Charles Kintner.
Front: Vernon, Raymond, Lowell, Otho, Arlene (Hageman), Virginia, Pauline.
Kintner family. Aunt Bertha Lehman, Irene Evelyn, Eva and Ed Kintner, Lowell Victor, Vernon Edison.
Mother, with her brothers and parents on the farm. From left to right: Eva Lehman Kintner, Raymond, Vernon, Lowell, Irene, John Edward Kintner.
Grandma, with a pile of melons.
Kintner boys at the Kintner home.
Grandpa and Grandma Kintner.
Grandpa on trip and standing in front of Washington D.C. monument. Vernon took Richard and Irene (before wedding) and his parents on a trip to Washington D.C. and New York City. They camped in a tent at a campground along the Potomoc, not far from the Capitol. While in D.C., they visited the Mint and the White House. Vernon had a Ford car. They stayed at campsites along the way. Lowell stayed behind in Ohio and did the farm work while they traveled.
Breiningers on the right. Pearl (Hane) Breininger was grandpa Kintner's first cousin on his mother's side. Pearl's sister Stella is on the left side. Pearl b. Nov 23, 1888 and Stella b. Mar 16, 1897 were daughters of Alexander Hane. Stella married Lloyd Kinzer.
  Lowell and Ethel on right. Ethel's sister Mabel Hardy. 
Lowell and Ethel Kintner, wedding.
Roger's 7th birthday. Cake baked by Irene.
Chicken brooder house, Sherwood, where little chickens were raised. Lehman or Kintner farm?
Dad helping with the farming in Ohio. International Harvester Farmall tractor. Grandpa had to go to a Cleveland hospital to have 2/3 of his stomach removed.
Marcella and Roger with John in the high chair. John still has the high chair.
  Roger, Marcella, John 
Sam and Mary Kintner.
  Kintners at Sam and Mary Kintner's. 
  Sam and Mary Kintner. 
  Kintner thresher. Note the tractor. Also automobile in background.
Kintner tractor.
  Kathleen Vera, 5 weeks old. 
Vernon and Kathleen, 16 weeks old.
Ruth holding Kathleen.
Kathleen with her mother.
Kathleen, Billie and their mother Ruth Kintner. Billy 6 months; Kathleen 2 1/2 years.
Kathleen, Billie, Robert Kintner. Easter Sunday 1949. Kathleen 6 yrs; Billie 4 yrs; Robbie 22 months.
Vernon Kintner's house.
Vernon and Ruth (blurry image), standing in front of Richard and Irene's 1941 Ford.
Vernon Edison and Ruth (McGane) Kintner. Photo taken about time Richard and Irene visited them at their Arizona home in Green Valley.
Vernon's family. Easter Sunday 1949.
Vernon and Ruth with the kids.
Billie Kintner.
Kathleen, with John.
Kathleen and John playing by the farm implements.
John, with Mother. In backyard, at Grandpa and Grandma Kintner's.
John, with Irene in yard.
John, with Mom on bench.
John with Mother waiting for Daddy to return from overseas. Irene: "I made the snowsuit you're wearing from your Dad's overcoat. Probably my best creation as far as sewing goes."
  In front of the rose bushes at the Kintner farm.
  Irene wearing the sweater Richard sent her. January 1945.
Kathleen with Billie. Kathleen 2 3/4 yrs; Billie 8 months.
Bobby's wedding. Robert and Eva Kintner, with Ruth. Orlando, Florida. Eva's parents are next to her.
Dawn Kintner (Bob's daughter) and Kenny Kintner (Vernon's youngest son), with Ruth Kintner. St. Augustine, Florida, Feb 1994.
Robert and Ruth at DisneyWorld, Feb 1994.