The J.E. Kintner Homestead, Sherwood OH1 Kintner Farm Thresher; Automobile in Background2 Kintner's Automobile, Tractor & Farm Equipment3 Kintner Threshing Equipment; Farmall Tractor4 Sam & Mary Kintner5 Sam and Mary (Hane) Kintner; Irene's Grandparents6 Irene in 1921 as infant7 Irene's brother, Lowell Kintner8 Irene's brother, Lowell9 Irene Kintner in her high chair10 Irene as youngster in the strawberry patch11 Early Photo of Irene Kintner12 1924 Kintner Reunion Announcement; Bryan, Ohio13 1939 Kintner Reunion Announcement; Bryan, OH14 Irene and her brother Raymond15 Irene Kintner and her friend Evelyn Baker16 Irene's father, Ed Kintner17 John's grandfather, J. Edward Kintner18 Irene's father's signatures on her report card19 J. Edward Kintner signature20 Irene with brothers Vernon and Raymond who was 14 years of age21 Irene's Report Card, Grade 10, Sherwood High School22 Irene's Report Card for the 11th Grade, Sherwood High School23 Irene's Grade Report, 12th Grade, Sherwood High School24 Irene Kintner, 15 years of age; graduated from high school in 193625 Irene at Camp Mack, 193726 Irene Kintner in 193927 Irene in her sweater28 June 1, 1941 Wedding-Article29 Richard & Ireme's wedding picture, at the Sherwood farm30 Ed & Eva Kintner; Harley & Hulda Knarr; wedding of Irene and Richard31 The Kintner farm place with fenced yard, Sherwood OH32 John & Bea inspecting Grandpa's Kaiser stored in barn, 199333 The Kintner Kaiser in storage, covered with grain dust; John reminisces34 1948 Kaiser; post WW II; grandson John recalls riding in it35 Irene with her parents and son John36 Irene and John at the Kintner farm during WW II37 Irene and John on bench, made from church pew (Maumee Ch. of the Brethren)38 Irene and John in the Kintner backyard39 John Knarr in high chair; alongside cousins Marcella and Roger Kintner40 Ireme at Sherwood High School Before Building was Razed41 Irene (Kintner) Knarr in 194242 John in stroller; Richard Knarr, in Akron IN43 John with cousin Kathleen Kintner44 John in his roll-about45 Irene (Kintner) Knarr in Defiance on the Maumee/Auglaize Rivers46 Defiance Church of the Brethren; Irene was member47 Defiance Church of the Brethren; Irene, her brothers and husband Richard Knarr were baptized there.48